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Trump government launched imported stainless steel survey
  • 2017-05-01

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U.S. commerce secretary Ross said trump government investigation of imported steel  has been launched .

Rose at a White House news conference said trump would sign memorandum according to article 232 of the national security law trade extension law and request the ministry of commerce to investigate the problem of imported steel especial for stainless steel coil.

Ross said that while China has repeatedly said it will cut steel, but steel imports are rising in the United States.He said: "it could have a big impact to our domestic steel industry. Steel is an important factor in the infrastructure and national security."

Ross said the U.S. department of commerce began to investigate steel imports. Investigation will focus on the national security implications of steel imports.He predicted the report would be completed within 270 days. It wil mayl be involved in all of us steel imports.

The American iron and steel group request the United States international trade office to price on Chinese steel imports.  It is againest to investigate of the opponent's allegations in stainless steel coil. But one Judge in November last year announced they had no authority to handle the relevant charges.

    The survey from the ministry of commerce is different from the above complaint.If the case is established, the President of the United States has the right to implement the adjusted import measures.Previously, the U.S. government only did twice according to article 232 of investigation, but failed completely.

Trump announced he would reverse the iron and steel industry jobs lost momentum when he meets steel industry executives at the White House,.The ministry of commerce will prioritize steel imports.He stressed that steel imports investigation has nothing to do with China, but global.

In fact, China's steel exports have been the "main" sino-us trade friction.At present China is the world's largest steel producer. The western countries think that China's steel exports caused the crisis of the global iron and steel. It caused job losses and factory closures.

Data shows the United States imported about 30 million metric tons of steel in 2016. It is dedine a 14% year-on-year compared to 2015. The main source of imports is Canada, Brazil, South Korea, Mexico, Japan and Germany.

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