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The European steel industry alert to new threat from Iran
  • 2017-02-24

This is Cong Shine one leader of China stainless steel suplier . Now let us share the latest stainless steel news with you .

European steel lobbying organizations' Eurofer said the EU's imports from Iran has increased by nearly eight time between 2013 and 2016.It become another threat to European steelmakers recently.

Eurofer, points out that the European steel imports from Iran is more than 1 million tons slightly.

The second imports is 1.9 million tons from India and the first is China's 5.7 million tons."The threat from Iran is new, will become the third threat for European steel market after China, India" said 'Eurofer KarlTachelet, head of foreign relations and trade.

In order to achieve economic growth, Iran wanted to improve the steel industry lever with the foreign partners help. Iranian issued nuclear agreement with the six powers in 2015 for lifting the sanctions. But Iran's government also considered to refer to India policy on increasing iron ore export tariffs at the same time. It is helpful for the domestic steel mills to achieve cheap raw material. 'Eurofer said it was quite protectionism. It means the involved Eurofer industries must accept Iran iron ore.

On February Iran says they want export steel 20-25 million tons a year by 2025 15 after two days of steel meeting and production from 16 million tons to 55 million tons. The commission is investigating Serbia, Iran, Brazil, Russia and Ukraine producers alleged dumping hot-rolled steel case. In fact , our clients from above conuries are likely to choose China stainless steel material from us Cong Shine due to our best quality and service .

Source:China trade report

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