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The cognizance of dumping steel, such as Japan and South Korea will start the sanctions
  • 2017-05-12

Beijing, May 6 (Reuters), according to Japanese media reports, the United States international trade commission (ITC) 5, identified a total of eight countries and regions such as Japan, South Korea, the production of steel products with reasonable price to the United States, causing damage to the interests of the U.S. steel industry.

It is reported, the us department of commerce on March the anti-dumping duty decided to determine.This is the trump came to power, finally decided to sanctions against Japan product launch tariffs for the first time.The us international trade commission is based on the evidence for fair judgement independent institutions.

The report says, the sanctions object products for buildings as well as the mechanical parts of carbon steel and alloy steel.To the anti-dumping duty rate for Japanese manufacturers JFE steel, Tokyo's 48.67% to 14.79%.

The French manufacturer of anti-dumping duties, tax rate, the highest was 148.02%, and for South Korea's iron and steel production, in addition to the anti-dumping duties, will also be a part of government subsidies of countervailing duties.Object of other countries and regions are Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy and Taiwan.
Comment JFE steel pr 6, said: "don't think the Japanese steel industry to cause damage to the United States, very sorry."
In March U.S. trade deficit to Japan was surging and the United States secretary of commerce rose  announced rarely in April: "It is difficult to tolerate  ."He says they will cut the deficit on seriously unfair trade.

According to the U.S. department of commerce, the imported carbon steel and alloy steel from Japan is 7,120,000 tons which is valued at $55 million since 2015. Among the remains eight countries and regions the most imported volume 300,000  is South Korea. As for stainless steel  production , it is also belong to it.  Cong shine stainless steel  pipe is famous for its resistant corrosion.

Source: China News

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