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Industry dynamics

Taiwan Yelian stainless steel price is smooth in March
  • 2017-03-24

 Cong Shine high-quality stainless steel tube is for various construction, manufacturing and fabrication applications due to greater strength and high corrosion resistance like 304 welded stainless square bar.. Now let us update stainless steel industry news with you in Taiwan.


Taiwan Yelian march stainless steel price quote is smooth due to the downstream inventory and market instability. Even if the Nickel price is up , Yelian still decided to keep it slow increasing. Regard to Taiwan domestic price on 300 and 400 grade. it keeps smooth. But export stainless steel price raise $60 - $70 / ton. LME nickel prices rose in February. It is about $50 per ton more than January. And China mainland stainless steel factory cuts production. It inspires Taiwan's stainless steel mills price to rise. The other thing is that nickel prices fell below $11000 / ton currently. Conclusion of business is not significantly .Then more and more downstream users require to be down on demand negatively. 


Based on stream uses business operation and industry competitiveness, Yelian decided to cover the increased cost by themselves on 300 and 400 domestic stainless steel grade.  And the exported stainless steel production raise $60 - $70 / ton.

As for updated stainless steel price , any inquire , pls feel free to ask us .




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