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  • How to stick stainless Steel Sheets to the Wall
    How to stick stainless Steel Sheets to the Wall
    • 2017-10-12 12:44:18

    Congshine 8k stainless steel sheet walls are functional/economical/attractive for application.According to professional interior designer organization report, congshine stainless steel products have been the most popular choice in appliance finishes recently. It is popular in commercial kitchens for years. Now more and more residential home choose it as appliances.And many housewife want stainless steel sheets to the walls in kitchens and other areas. Now-days the stainless steel surface is attractive and less complicated to take care on housework.And it has the most hygienic surface for food preparation with resist corrosion. That is why it is more and more popular. 1Turn off the breakers supplying electricity to toggle switches and electrical outlets on the wall .The wall is covered with stainless steel. You need to hold a noncontact electrical tester against the toggle switches and electrical outlets after you turn off the breakers. The tester will light and sound an alarm if the electricity is still present at the switches and outlets. 2Remove the screws holding wall plates to toggle switches and electrical outlets. Remove the wall plates from the wall. Leave the toggle switches and electrical outlets connected to the wall. 3Spray a grease-cutting cleaner on the wall. Use a scrub brush or old towels to clean the surface of the wall. Wipe the excess cleaner from the wall with old rags or paper towels. 4Sand the wall with 80-grit sandpaper to remove any ridges or bumps along the wall. The surface of the wall must be flat, so the stainless steel sheets stick to the surface. Sanding the walls also roughens the surface to prepare for better glue adhesion. 5Pull back the push rod located above the handle on a caulk gun. The push rod will lock in place automatically. Insert a 10-ounce tube of silicone adhesive caulk into the gun. Pull the trigger on the caulk gun to secure the tube. 6Remove the tip from the tube of caulk with utility shears. The further back you cut the tip, the larger the opening on the end of the caulk tube. Insert a Phillips screwdriver into the tip. Push the end of the screwdriver through the caulk tube membrane to allow the caulk to flow from the tube. 7Apply a liberal bead of silicone adhesive around the perimeter of the wall. Apply additional silicone between the perimeter lines back and forth along the wall in a zigzag pattern. You need at least one 10-ounce tube of silicone adhesive caulk for every 20 linear feet of stainless steel. 8Hold the stainless steel sheet at an angle where the bottom of the sheet rests against the bottom of the wall. Make sure any cutouts in the stainless steel sheet line up with items permanently installed in the wall, such as toggle switches and electrical outlets. 9Tilt the stainless steel sheet toward the wall until the entire sheet is against the wall. You have some time before the adhesive sets, so you can slide the sheet into position once it is against the wall if it is off a bit. 10Tape th...

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  • The United States scrap exports to Turkey is down to minimum in past 7 years
    The United States scrap exports to Turkey is down to minimum in past 7 years
    • 2017-05-20 16:19:06

    According to the Americal Commerce Department and the United States international trade commission data,  the scrap export is 542000 tons in first quarter.  It fell 37.4% year on year. It is the lowest level since 2010. The world's biggest scrap exporter is Americal.  On the contrast ,turkey is one of the biggest importer of steel scrap. In 2014 and 2015, Turkey stainless steel scrap imports from the United States  every quarter is around 1 million tons . It fells to 800000 tons by 2016.Turkey reduce the procurement of the stainless steel scrap which is beneficial to the European steel scrap resource exports to Turkey. At the same time, billet prices is more competitive from the commonwealth of independent states (cis) and China . It also makes the Turkey to reduced the stainless steel demand .     At present, the biggest buyer of stainless steel scrap is Turkey in Americal.  Mexico stainless steel scrap import is 332000 tons in the first quarter from America. Taiwan, 443000 tons, China 314000 tons, Canada 216000 tons, Vietnam 168000 tons . Notable Peru stainless steel scrap imports is 158000 tons in the 1st quarter from the United States. It is a high record. Peru stainless steel  scrap import has been increasing in the past 10 years from the United States. As one main stainless steel industry leader in China ,Congshine always shares latest industry to you. Any stainless steel production question , pls ask us .  Source: China stainless steel

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  • How do stainless steel industry and the equipment manufacturing industry entry international market within
    How do stainless steel industry and the equipment manufacturing industry entry international market within
    • 2017-05-17 22:42:34

    Beijing time 14th -15th, "One Belt And One Road international cooperation peak BBS" was held in Beijing. Since 2013, "One Belt And One Road" was proposed. Now it is admired and welcome by more and more countries and regions. A growing number of Chinese construction enterprises  entries to international market . It is three years since "One Belt And One Road" was proposed. Now the railways ,ports, bridges, public safety of infrastructure facilities to industrialization construction and cultural projects, all kinds of projects was involved . For example, iron and steel growth is significate in 2016  in “one belt and one road" neighbourhood especial for stainless steel pipe .According to the latest monitoring data from the world steel association statistics there are 25 steel-producing countries in the scope of the "area"in 2016.  The total value is  297 million tons for 25 countries product steel . It is up 4.0% from a year earlier, compared with 66 the total output growth (0.7%) increased by 0.7%.       According to estimates, in 2016 China's exports to “ one belt and one road”countries is a total of 29.506 million tons, occupy the 46.1% of its total exports of steel. It includs stainless steel bar,stainless steel wire,stainless steel rod ,stainless steel pipe and medium-sized steel, large steel, railway material, reinforced

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  • The cognizance of dumping steel, such as Japan and South Korea will start the sanctions
    The cognizance of dumping steel, such as Japan and South Korea will start the sanctions
    • 2017-05-12 21:47:42

    Beijing, May 6 (Reuters), according to Japanese media reports, the United States international trade commission (ITC) 5, identified a total of eight countries and regions such as Japan, South Korea, the production of steel products with reasonable price to the United States, causing damage to the interests of the U.S. steel industry. It is reported, the us department of commerce on March the anti-dumping duty decided to determine.This is the trump came to power, finally decided to sanctions against Japan product launch tariffs for the first time.The us international trade commission is based on the evidence for fair judgement independent institutions. The report says, the sanctions object products for buildings as well as the mechanical parts of carbon steel and alloy steel.To the anti-dumping duty rate for Japanese manufacturers JFE steel, Tokyo's 48.67% to 14.79%. The French manufacturer of anti-dumping duties, tax rate, the highest was 148.02%, and for South Korea's iron and steel production, in addition to the anti-dumping duties, will also be a part of government subsidies of countervailing duties.Object of other countries and regions are Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy and Taiwan. Comment JFE steel pr 6, said: "don't think the Japanese steel industry to cause damage to the United States, very sorry." In March U.S. trade deficit to Japan was surging and the United States secretary of commerce rose  announced rarely in April: "It is difficult to tolerate  ."He says they will cut the deficit on seriously unfair trade. According to the U.S. department of commerce, the imported carbon steel and alloy steel from Japan is 7,120,000 tons which is valued at $55 million since 2015. Among the remains eight countries and regions the most imported volume 300,000  is South Korea. As for stainless steel  production , it is also belong to it.  Cong shine stainless steel  pipe is famous for its resistant corrosion. Source: China News

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  • AIIS March 2017 Steel Imports Press Release
    AIIS March 2017 Steel Imports Press Release
    • 2017-05-07 08:40:29

    Steel imports spiked by nearly a quarter in March, and were almost a third higher than they were a year earlier.c. As one stainless steel production lead , Cong  Shine also acknowledge it especial for 201 stainless steel bright bar . Falls Church, VA (AIIS) - Steel imports spiked by nearly a quarter in March, and were almost a third higher than they were a year earlier. March imports increased 24.7 percent from February to 3.4 million net tons, 30.5 percent higher than the March 2016 total. Imports from each of the United States’ main trading partners grew by double digits: the European Union, by 71.4 percent to 389,000 net tons (11.8 percent higher than the previous March); Brazil, by 29.1 percent to 488,000 net tons (42.7 percent higher); South Korea, by 21.1 percent to 317,000 net tons (13.3 percent higher); Canada, by 19.5 percent to 583,000 net tons (23.2 percent higher); and Mexico, by 18.6 percent to 311,000 net tons (25.8 percent higher). During the first quarter of 2017, imports were up 18.7 percent compared to 2016 at 8.93 million net tons. Canada sent the most steel to the United States from January to March – 1.6 million net tons, 13 percent higher than last year. Brazil was next at 1.16 million net tons, an increase of 30 percent, followed by the European Union at 907,000 net tons, a 9.1 percent decrease, South Korea at 890,000 net tons, a 0.8 percent decrease, and Mexico at 826,000 net tons, an 18.6 percent increase. Semifinished imports in March totaled 879,000 net tons, a jump of more than three quarters compared to March 2016. Year-to-date, semifinished imports grew by 38.4 percent to 1.52 million net tons. The steel import numbers provide encouragement at a time when other economic indicators are not as positive. Economic growth in the first quarter was just 0.7 percent, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, but the sharp increase in steel purchases indicates that companies are investing and building, something that may be reflected in gross domestic product calculations in the next quarter or two. This is also a reminder that restricting imports, and, for that matter, weakening the dollar – two things that President Donald Trump has indicated he would like to do – could stall the move toward sustained economic growth before it gets started. Courtesy : AIIS

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  • Philippine Congress Rejects Appointee Who Ordered Mines Shut
    Philippine Congress Rejects Appointee Who Ordered Mines Shut
    • 2017-05-06 20:30:58

    Cong shine 304 Stainless Steel Round tube is ideal for all structural applications where greater strength and superior corrosion resistance is required. As we know nickel is import element for stainless steel production. Now let Cong Shine share related nickel news with you . MANILA, Philippines (AP) — The Philippine Congress rejected Wednesday the appointment of the country's acting environment chief who ordered the closure and suspension of dozens of mines that she says harm the environment and local communities. The rejection of Environment Secretary Gina Lopez was recommended by the Committee on Environment and Natural Resources headed by Sen. Manny Pacquiao, the boxing champion. Several senators supporting Lopez took the floor to express disappointment. Lopez, a passionate environmentalist who has locked horns with the mining industry and other members of President Rodrigo Duterte's Cabinet, ordered the closure of 23 mines, suspension of five others and the cancellation of 75 mining contracts. Audit showed the mines harm watersheds and cause siltation in coastal waters and farms, she said. "It is very sad, that in the Commission on Appointments, clearly, business interests have run the day," Lopez, whose family owns the country's largest television network, told reporters. She said that it was the constitutional right of every Filipino to have a clean environment, and when people make choices "based on business interests, transgressing the right of every Filipino to what God has given them, it is wrong." Ronald Recidoro, vice president of the Chamber of Mines, welcomed the decision. He said they will seek a reversal of orders against the 28 operating mines and the 75 mining contracts. The mines ordered closed include nickel mines that account for about half of the annual output in the Philippines, the world's biggest nickel ore producer. At the Philippine Stock Exchange, the mining and oil sector index closed 2.73 percent up. Source: Business news

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