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Pakistan Anti-dumping duties on China cold roll stainless steel coil
  • 2017-02-18

This is Cong Shine one leader of stainless steel industry.According to China stainless steel net ,Pakistan's national tariff commission claimed to levy imposing provisional anti-dumping duties on rold roll stainless steel coil and stainless steel sheet from China and Ukraine , tax rate from 13.17% to 19.04%, the period of five years on January 19 2017.

The involved products details is below

Thinkness  0.15 -2.5 mm

Width >600 mm

Customs code 7209.1690












However it doesn’t include imported cold rolled stainless steel coil and stainless steel sheet for re-export purpose.As for China shougang/ Beijing shougang tang integrated iron and steel/ the anti-dumping tax rate are 19.04%. Beijing shougang cold rolled sheet are 16.27% to13.17%. Hanbo handan iron group company/maanshan steel company and cong shine are 19.04%.Ukraine's rich steel  is 18.36%. Zaporozhye steel is 18.36% to 18.92%.Pakistan had launched anti-dumping investigations of manufacture volume of imports like 304 stainless steel coil and cold rolled 316L stainless sheet from China and Ukraine Since July 16, 2015.  They thought dumping and injury was affirmative preliminary in 13th January 2016.

In response, the Chinese manufacture reacted calmly.One factory said they didn’t care it very much for this Pakistan anti-dumping dutie issue. Because Pakistan is not their main export market. However the anti-dumpings have led to global cold roll steel exports declined obviously in many contries more and more.

Up to 1st November 2016 Chinese manufacture volume exports to Pakistan is 194400 tons. It accounts for 4.8% of the total volume manufacture exports. Now Pakistan rebar and galvanized coil anti-dumping investigation is in progress.

Due to Nickle pricing increasing and China supply-side structural reform ,Cong Shine thinks this issue will be less and less.

Source: China stainless steel net

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