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Latin America Crude steel production rose 7% in january-november 2017
  • 2018-01-28

This is congshine stainless steel . Now let us share latin american steel news with you. 

Alacero, the Latin American steel association, said production of finished products in Latin America rose 3% to 48.6 million tonnes in the first 11 months of 2017.Steel association, a statement of Latin America, Brazil is a major steel producers in Latin America, finished product material produced 20.7 million metric tons, 43% of Latin America finished product material production, the second is output by 17.2 million metric tons of Mexico, 35% of the total.Crude steel production rose 7 per cent year-on-year to 58.8m tonnes in January and November, with Brazil's crude steel production rising 9 per cent to 31.5 million tonnes, or 54 per cent.The apparent consumption of finished products increased 4 percent to 60.7 million metric tons.

"Of the total steel consumption in Latin America, 34.6 million metric tons of flat material consumption accounted for 57 percent of total steel consumption, 24.9 million metric tons of long material consumption were 41 percent, and the seamless pipe consumption of 1.2 million metric tons was 2 percent."The Latin American steel association said.In absolute increments, the increase in consumption from high to low is Mexico, with an increase of 1 million metric tons or 4%;Brazil's consumption rose by 800,000 tonnes or 5%;Argentine consumption increased by 209,000 metric tons or 5%;Ecuador consumption increased by 183,000 metric tons or 13%;Consumption in the Dominican republic increased by 37,000 metric tons or 9%;Chilean consumption increased by 35,000 metric tons or 1%;Paraguay's consumption increased by 25,000 metric tons or 9%;Colombian consumption increased by 20,000 metric tons or 1%.From January to November, the imports of finished products reached 19.2 million metric tons, up 6% year on year, and the imported flat materials were 13.5 million metric tons, accounting for 70%.The import volume of long material is 5.2 million metric tons, accounting for 27%.Seamless pipe imports of 514 million metric tons, accounting for 3%."Imports of steel now account for 32 per cent of the consumption of manufactured goods in
Latin America. Excessive import levels may have adverse effects on the local industry, which can easily lead to trade disputes and threaten local employment opportunities."The Latin American association says.
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