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Investment law of Nickel industry for stainless steel
  • 2017-01-29

This is Cong shine (shanghai) metal material .,ltd. Now let us share our point on stainless steel news with you As we know, Nickel is a crucial component of stainless steel . So Nickel supply is effect to stainless steel price directly.

Around 1490 nickel factory workers from a strike-plagued area in Sagaing Region launched a protest at Novemb 2016 . They thought it brought a perceived loss of job opportunities due to alleged discrepancies between the foreign and local staffers treatment.

“The main reason for our demonstration is to call for the protections guaranteed under our laws to apply to our Myanmar workers. We are demanding the company follow the foreign investment law,” said Ko Tin Myo Tun, a workers’ representative from the Tagaung Taung Nickel Factory in Katha district’s Htigyaing township.

One miner said the company was breaking chapter 13, section 51 of the Myanmar Investment Law, which shows only citizens can be accepted to positions without any others special skill requires. Based on it the workers think the factory is taking away hundreds of jobs that should belong to the local workers.

The demonstration aims to achieve the same working conditions and full benefits as Chinese colleagues.

In fact, in my opinion local staff needs training and knowledge for position

And the stainless steel price was also affected by this. Especially for 316 stainless steel sheet it increased 23% compared to last month . As the one leader of stainless steel industry we have stock on it . So any inquire , pls send us . we will keep the same as last month .

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