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  • What's the difference between stainless steel 202 and 304
    What's the difference between stainless steel 202 and 304
    • 2017-10-26 20:52:49

    Currently congshine 202 series stainless steel sheet is used more and more on the market in the field of industrial washing machine. As we know there are difference between 202 series and 304 series. In fact, how much difference is that the nickel content of chemical elements , which caused them huge difference in performance and price . In the current nickel price levels , low nickel content stainless steel 200 series 300 series stainless steel price is only about half of the anti-corrosion and toughness properties are far less than the 300 series stainless steel , is only applicable to kitchenware and food processing field , if it is used in the field of construction, medical equipment, etc. , there will be a big risk. How to identify that our 300 series stainless steel and stainless steel 200 series ? This is crucial , strictly speaking , for our manufacturing and processing industries. It should be the 300 series stainless steel , but there are many small manufacturers who use 200 series stainless steel .It is irresponsible for the customer extremely manifestation . 200 series stainless steel nickel content is very low, and it is easy to rust. So the majority of our clients in the purchase of the product is important to note what type of stainless steel is used for. Identification of stainless steel plate is to steel in the unknown (No. ) of cases.It is depending on the product ( including the entire material , more than expected , scrap and other physical ) inherent physical and chemical properties , using simple equipment, which is used to determine the senses what kind of specific methods and stainless steel are not . It should be noted : sensory identification , can not distinguish between the specific steel ( kind of ) numbers, basically only difference chromium stainless steel , chrome-nickel stainless steel and chrome -manganese nitrogen three categories, the differential approach follows : 1. The color of a difference : After pickling of stainless steel , surface color silver Bai Guangjie : chrome-nickel stainless steel color silver Bai Chengyu color ; chrome steel gray glossy white color slightly weak ; chromium -manganese nitrogen stainless chromium-nickel stainless steel with similar color is paler . Without pickling stainless steel surface color : chrome-nickel steel brownish white ; chrome steel brownish-black ; chrome manganese nitrogen was black, ( three color, color is the oxidation of heavier ) . Chrome-nickel stainless steel cold-rolled without annealing , silver reflective surface . In addition to stainless steel element , usually pickled white. 2. Use copper sulfate identification: Method is to remove the oxide layer on the steel , put a drop of water , with the copper sulfate rub rub does not change, typically of stainless steel ; as to purple : a non-magnetic high manganese steel, is generally an ordinary magnetic steel or low alloy steel . 3. With magnet identification: The basic difference between the two types of stai...

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    • 2017-05-07 08:38:24

    Worldwide crude stainless steel production, in 2016, reached an all-time high total of nearly 45.8 million tonnes. This represents an increase of more than 10 percent, compared with the year earlier figure. MEPS predicts that global output will grow by around 3.75 percent, in 2017, to achieve a new record high mark of around 47.5 million tonnes. Cong Shine is also proved it as one stainless steel production supply in China. Outturn in all of the long-established stainless steelmaking countries increased, year-on-year, in 2016, after most had recorded a contraction in the previous twelve months. Production continued to grow, strongly, in China and in the developing nations. Despite earlier expectations that stainless steel output growth, in China, would slow down, rapid expansion continued, in 2016. The country’s official annual total was reported at nearly 25 million tonnes – an increase of more than 15 percent, compared with the previous year. This equates to almost 55 percent of the world aggregate figure. With antidumping measures, in many countries, restricting global exports, China has recently made moves to curb its rate of expansion. After a slight dip, in 2015, production in the United States returned to its trend of robust growth, increasing by more than 6 percent, last year, to total around 2.5 million tonnes. MEPS predicts that output will expand by a further 2 percent, in 2017. Crude stainless steel production recovered strongly, in Taiwan, in 2016 – increasing by almost 14 percent, year-on-year, to exceed 1.25 million tonnes, for the first time since 2010. More moderate growth is forecast for this year. Annual outturn advanced by between one and two percent, in the EU, Japan and South Korea, last year. Further, steady expansion, of a similar magnitude, is foreseen, in these markets, in 2017. Source: MEPS Stainless steel reveiew

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  • U.S. commerce secretary creates a fund to invest China's steel industry
    U.S. commerce secretary creates a fund to invest China's steel industry
    • 2017-04-11 16:08:26

     This is Cong Shine One leader of stainless steel industry. Bloomberg reports Wilbur Ross had focused on China’s steel industry as investment company director. Now this billionaire is trying to cut off relations with the company and his leadership of the U.S commerce department is positive to cope with problems of alleged China dumping steel. Wl Ross founded by Ross was taken over by Invesco ltd. Now the company announce to build a joint venture to buy Chinese steel assets. The company will combine to China's iron and steel group and other companies to launch new company named four source equity investment management co.ltd. The headquarters is in Shanghai. They tend to propose to the poor performance of steel assets with investment of $5.8 billion to $11.6 billion. On 7th April the President Donald trump and Chinese President xi jinping held a summit. Rose said the two countries reached a "one hundred plan" to discuss trade issues after the summit. After two days talks the greatest progress is the Chinese delegation expressed the "interest" to cut trade surplus. Ross took over U.S. commerce secretary only 40 days. People didn’t know how much consultation Ross know about the four sources of equity investment management co.ltd before he left the company. But a spokesman from WL Ross Jeaneen Terrio,, said he had nothing to do with the matter. The sponsors of this deal is the company's senior managing director and associate director Stephen Toy.Deal .She said it is no connection between two issues. This joint venture with Ross and Chinese government officials didn't have anything to do this week's talks," the U.S. Commerce Department spokesman James Rockas said. He added that about the deal, Ross does not have any internal message, he is not the participants of a joint venture. News source: Cong Shine

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  • Demand weakness will make China's iron and steel enterprise's profit under pressure
    Demand weakness will make China's iron and steel enterprise's profit under pressure
    • 2017-04-04 17:45:33

    This is Cong Shine one Stainless steel industry leader in China.Let us bring stainless steel news to you. Moody's investors service said on Thursday that China's iron and steel enterprise profit improved significantly in 2016. But It may be weaker in 2017.  The main reason is continuing excess capacity, steel inventories gtowth at the beginning of 2017 while domestic demand slowed down modestly. "These factors will inhibit the high steel prices in the past 4 years together, iron and steel enterprises' profits is also affected by the high raw materials price and decreased export at the same time."Zou Jiming moody's senior vice President/analyst said, "real estate investment is the biggest driver of steel demand in China. Real estate investment could be slow this year with government tight policy, then domestic steel consumption will decline." "Because of the low-powered car tax incentives decline, car sales and production will be slow. But the govemment promotion of infrastructure investment will remain active, which helps to reduce the pressure."Zou Jiming added. Moody's latest report predicts the China's steel industry situation this year, China's steel exports decline in single digits high-end around 3.4% decline in 2016. The exports decline will be more due to overseas trade barriers rise/domestic and foreign market ‘s impact especial for stainless steel industry. Moreover, the Chinese government plans to cut domestic steel production capacity of 50 million tons in 2017.If they achieve this goal, it will ease downward pressure on steel prices and profits.However, some obstacles may lead it slow such as iron and steel industry improvement profitability and the impact of capacity closures on local economy and employment. Chinese government's efforts is to improve efficiency and profitability in state-owned enterprises and large-scale iron and steel enterprises. It means to encourage to merge and acquire smaller rivals. The weaker enterprises may face strict lending standards. It leads to quit .Integration will improve the market share of large enterprises. As the one leader of stainless steel industry, Cong Shine stainless steel tube and stainless steel sheet are always better than others suppliers . Any questions about stainless steel production , pls feel free to ask us.

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  • Taiwan Yelian stainless steel price is smooth in March
    Taiwan Yelian stainless steel price is smooth in March
    • 2017-03-24 17:11:10

     Cong Shine high-quality stainless steel tube is for various construction, manufacturing and fabrication applications due to greater strength and high corrosion resistance like 304 welded stainless square bar.. Now let us update stainless steel industry news with you in Taiwan.   Taiwan Yelian march stainless steel price quote is smooth due to the downstream inventory and market instability. Even if the Nickel price is up , Yelian still decided to keep it slow increasing. Regard to Taiwan domestic price on 300 and 400 grade. it keeps smooth. But export stainless steel price raise $60 - $70 / ton. LME nickel prices rose in February. It is about $50 per ton more than January. And China mainland stainless steel factory cuts production. It inspires Taiwan's stainless steel mills price to rise. The other thing is that nickel prices fell below $11000 / ton currently. Conclusion of business is not significantly .Then more and more downstream users require to be down on demand negatively.    Based on stream uses business operation and industry competitiveness, Yelian decided to cover the increased cost by themselves on 300 and 400 domestic stainless steel grade.  And the exported stainless steel production raise $60 - $70 / ton. As for updated stainless steel price , any inquire , pls feel free to ask us .      

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  • Pakistan steel mills cut jobs to reduce cost
    Pakistan steel mills cut jobs to reduce cost
    • 2017-03-23 15:34:10

     This is Cong Shine We offer high-quality stainless steel tube for various construction, manufacturing and fabrication applications .Our products are welcome in overseas market. Now let us share Pakistan steel news with you . On 14th March Pakistan BBS reported the Pakistani government recently dissolved a batch of steel mill workers in order to reduce the pressure of the Treasury and the factory salary expenses. It occurred after Pakistan's economy coordination commission on 2nd March. The personal manager said the factory decided to reduce workers' wages to 3.8 million rupees after consultation with shareholders,. Commentary announced that the Pakistani government provides emergency funding of 56.45 billion rupees to Pakistan steel, but steel mills still suffered huge losses. The loss is total up to 177.78 billion rupees. Regard to stainless steel tube. Cong shine exported prime stainless steel seamless and welded tube are always acceptable for customers.  

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