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  • The steel industry's collective profit fushun special steel is still in the loss.
    The steel industry's collective profit fushun special steel is still in the loss.
    • 2018-02-03 22:24:55

    In the case that the listed steel companies are generally profitable and the stock price is red, there are a few stocks of green: fushun special steel (600399.SH), antai group (600408.sh), zhongyuan special steel (002423.SZ). Thanks to a rebound in steel prices, China's steel industry has turned a profit since 2016.The vast majority of steel companies that have announced their results are doing well. However, fushun's 2017 pre-loss performance announcement was released on January 31.It said the losses were due to historical reasons for "physical assets such as inventory". Fushun said it found significant problems in physical assets such as inventory, which could involve major changes in the company's previous annual financial data. China securities regulatory commission on January 30, liaoning regulatory bureau (hereinafter referred to as liaoning securities regulatory bureau) issued a request fushun special steel correction measures decided, don't think fushun special steel internal control specification, in terms of asset management (mainly including inventory, fixed assets, projects under construction) there are many weak links, and cannot be reasonably ensure enterprise financial report information and true, in violation of the "enterprise internal control basic norms" and so on. Liaoning securities regulatory bureau's decision also said fushun special steel accounting foundation work is weak, accounting is not standard, not according to stipulations reconciliation problems, such as a violation of the "guidelines for fundamental accounting work" and so on. The liaoning securities regulatory bureau began to conduct on-site inspection of fushun special steel on December 7, 2017.According to the on-site inspection method of listed companies, fushun special steel needs to make a written rectification report before February 28 this year. Previously, fushun's parent company was northeast special steel group co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as northeast special steel).Dongbei special steel used to be the star enterprise of the production of military steel, and also the largest special steel enterprise in north China. Due to the debt crisis, dongbei special steel has officially entered the bankruptcy reorganization program since October 2016.After several choices, the steel group took over the northeast special steel. In September 2017, shen wenrong, chairman of sha steel group, became the controlling shareholder of dongbei special steel, with a 43% stake.In addition, the acquisition of the northeast special steel jincheng sha chau also indirectly owns a 38.22 percent stake in fushun special steel, the control of fushun special steel. The net profit of fushun special steel in 2012-2016 was 0.20.5 billion yuan, 0.232 billion yuan, 0.47 billion yuan, 196.7 million yuan and 111.2 million yuan, respectively, before being connected to sand steel. However, after this check, fushun special steel has forecast 2017 losses, and faces delisting risk, because ...

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  • Latin America Crude steel production rose 7% in  january-november   2017
    Latin America Crude steel production rose 7% in january-november 2017
    • 2018-01-28 21:03:08

    This is congshine stainless steel . Now let us share latin american steel news with you.  Alacero, the Latin American steel association, said production of finished products in Latin America rose 3% to 48.6 million tonnes in the first 11 months of 2017.Steel association, a statement of Latin America, Brazil is a major steel producers in Latin America, finished product material produced 20.7 million metric tons, 43% of Latin America finished product material production, the second is output by 17.2 million metric tons of Mexico, 35% of the total.Crude steel production rose 7 per cent year-on-year to 58.8m tonnes in January and November, with Brazil's crude steel production rising 9 per cent to 31.5 million tonnes, or 54 per cent.The apparent consumption of finished products increased 4 percent to 60.7 million metric tons. "Of the total steel consumption in Latin America, 34.6 million metric tons of flat material consumption accounted for 57 percent of total steel consumption, 24.9 million metric tons of long material consumption were 41 percent, and the seamless pipe consumption of 1.2 million metric tons was 2 percent."The Latin American steel association said.In absolute increments, the increase in consumption from high to low is Mexico, with an increase of 1 million metric tons or 4%;Brazil's consumption rose by 800,000 tonnes or 5%;Argentine consumption increased by 209,000 metric tons or 5%;Ecuador consumption increased by 183,000 metric tons or 13%;Consumption in the Dominican republic increased by 37,000 metric tons or 9%;Chilean consumption increased by 35,000 metric tons or 1%;Paraguay's consumption increased by 25,000 metric tons or 9%;Colombian consumption increased by 20,000 metric tons or 1%.From January to November, the imports of finished products reached 19.2 million metric tons, up 6% year on year, and the imported flat materials were 13.5 million metric tons, accounting for 70%.The import volume of long material is 5.2 million metric tons, accounting for 27%.Seamless pipe imports of 514 million metric tons, accounting for 3%."Imports of steel now account for 32 per cent of the consumption of manufactured goods in Latin America. Excessive import levels may have adverse effects on the local industry, which can easily lead to trade disputes and threaten local employment opportunities."The Latin American association says.

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  • Stainless steel price fell slightly this week
    Stainless steel price fell slightly this week
    • 2018-01-20 21:27:21

    This is Congshine stainless steel  . Now let us share latest china stainless steel news with you. 1) price trend. According to the price monitoring of business society, stainless steel plate fell slightly this week. Until  now January 19, 2B 304 stainless steel  plate 1.0*1219*2438 was 14,273 yuan/ton, down 1.35% from 14469 yuan/ton on January 15. 2). Analysis of stainless steel  influencing factors. Products: stainless steel run weak this week, some factory workers began to return hometown due to coming spring festiveal  in China. The mills will insist to work until  8th Feb. The main job is shipped out for stainless steel . The market is positive and busy based on bargaining deal primarily. 3)Industry chain: upstream, nickel price keep adjustment this week, Shanghai spot jinchuan nickel trading range is 9.52-993 thousand yuan/ton.The dollar briefly stopped falling, the nickel supply and demand were weak, underpowered, and the nickel price is expected to remain weak next week, with the main operating range of $1.2 to $1.26 million.Downstream, although it is the end of the year, the market is sending out the atmosphere of the holiday, but there are still a lot of businesses which are still actively shipping, the terminal also has customers looking for goods to stock. 4), the market forecast. To sum up, stainless steel, steel branch business analysts think: the market next week holiday atmosphere is becoming more and more strong, the market is to be able to ship it shipment, clinch a deal the price negotiation for the mainstream, weak stability is given priority to, stainless steel prices in 13200-14500 yuan/ton.

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  • What's the difference between stainless steel 202 and 304
    What's the difference between stainless steel 202 and 304
    • 2017-10-26 20:52:49

    Currently congshine 202 series stainless steel sheet is used more and more on the market in the field of industrial washing machine. As we know there are difference between 202 series and 304 series. In fact, how much difference is that the nickel content of chemical elements , which caused them huge difference in performance and price . In the current nickel price levels , low nickel content stainless steel 200 series 300 series stainless steel price is only about half of the anti-corrosion and toughness properties are far less than the 300 series stainless steel , is only applicable to kitchenware and food processing field , if it is used in the field of construction, medical equipment, etc. , there will be a big risk. How to identify that our 300 series stainless steel and stainless steel 200 series ? This is crucial , strictly speaking , for our manufacturing and processing industries. It should be the 300 series stainless steel , but there are many small manufacturers who use 200 series stainless steel .It is irresponsible for the customer extremely manifestation . 200 series stainless steel nickel content is very low, and it is easy to rust. So the majority of our clients in the purchase of the product is important to note what type of stainless steel is used for. Identification of stainless steel plate is to steel in the unknown (No. ) of cases.It is depending on the product ( including the entire material , more than expected , scrap and other physical ) inherent physical and chemical properties , using simple equipment, which is used to determine the senses what kind of specific methods and stainless steel are not . It should be noted : sensory identification , can not distinguish between the specific steel ( kind of ) numbers, basically only difference chromium stainless steel , chrome-nickel stainless steel and chrome -manganese nitrogen three categories, the differential approach follows : 1. The color of a difference : After pickling of stainless steel , surface color silver Bai Guangjie : chrome-nickel stainless steel color silver Bai Chengyu color ; chrome steel gray glossy white color slightly weak ; chromium -manganese nitrogen stainless chromium-nickel stainless steel with similar color is paler . Without pickling stainless steel surface color : chrome-nickel steel brownish white ; chrome steel brownish-black ; chrome manganese nitrogen was black, ( three color, color is the oxidation of heavier ) . Chrome-nickel stainless steel cold-rolled without annealing , silver reflective surface . In addition to stainless steel element , usually pickled white. 2. Use copper sulfate identification: Method is to remove the oxide layer on the steel , put a drop of water , with the copper sulfate rub rub does not change, typically of stainless steel ; as to purple : a non-magnetic high manganese steel, is generally an ordinary magnetic steel or low alloy steel . 3. With magnet identification: The basic difference between the two types of stai...

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    • 2017-05-07 08:38:24

    Worldwide crude stainless steel production, in 2016, reached an all-time high total of nearly 45.8 million tonnes. This represents an increase of more than 10 percent, compared with the year earlier figure. MEPS predicts that global output will grow by around 3.75 percent, in 2017, to achieve a new record high mark of around 47.5 million tonnes. Cong Shine is also proved it as one stainless steel production supply in China. Outturn in all of the long-established stainless steelmaking countries increased, year-on-year, in 2016, after most had recorded a contraction in the previous twelve months. Production continued to grow, strongly, in China and in the developing nations. Despite earlier expectations that stainless steel output growth, in China, would slow down, rapid expansion continued, in 2016. The country’s official annual total was reported at nearly 25 million tonnes – an increase of more than 15 percent, compared with the previous year. This equates to almost 55 percent of the world aggregate figure. With antidumping measures, in many countries, restricting global exports, China has recently made moves to curb its rate of expansion. After a slight dip, in 2015, production in the United States returned to its trend of robust growth, increasing by more than 6 percent, last year, to total around 2.5 million tonnes. MEPS predicts that output will expand by a further 2 percent, in 2017. Crude stainless steel production recovered strongly, in Taiwan, in 2016 – increasing by almost 14 percent, year-on-year, to exceed 1.25 million tonnes, for the first time since 2010. More moderate growth is forecast for this year. Annual outturn advanced by between one and two percent, in the EU, Japan and South Korea, last year. Further, steady expansion, of a similar magnitude, is foreseen, in these markets, in 2017. Source: MEPS Stainless steel reveiew

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  • U.S. commerce secretary creates a fund to invest China's steel industry
    U.S. commerce secretary creates a fund to invest China's steel industry
    • 2017-04-11 16:08:26

     This is Cong Shine One leader of stainless steel industry. Bloomberg reports Wilbur Ross had focused on China’s steel industry as investment company director. Now this billionaire is trying to cut off relations with the company and his leadership of the U.S commerce department is positive to cope with problems of alleged China dumping steel. Wl Ross founded by Ross was taken over by Invesco ltd. Now the company announce to build a joint venture to buy Chinese steel assets. The company will combine to China's iron and steel group and other companies to launch new company named four source equity investment management co.ltd. The headquarters is in Shanghai. They tend to propose to the poor performance of steel assets with investment of $5.8 billion to $11.6 billion. On 7th April the President Donald trump and Chinese President xi jinping held a summit. Rose said the two countries reached a "one hundred plan" to discuss trade issues after the summit. After two days talks the greatest progress is the Chinese delegation expressed the "interest" to cut trade surplus. Ross took over U.S. commerce secretary only 40 days. People didn’t know how much consultation Ross know about the four sources of equity investment management co.ltd before he left the company. But a spokesman from WL Ross Jeaneen Terrio,, said he had nothing to do with the matter. The sponsors of this deal is the company's senior managing director and associate director Stephen Toy.Deal .She said it is no connection between two issues. This joint venture with Ross and Chinese government officials didn't have anything to do this week's talks," the U.S. Commerce Department spokesman James Rockas said. He added that about the deal, Ross does not have any internal message, he is not the participants of a joint venture. News source: Cong Shine

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