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Eu anti-dumping measures on China stainless steel pipe and stainless steel fittings
  • 2017-02-19

This is Cong Shine report for stainless steel anti-dumping measures. On 27 January 2017 the European commission made final anti-dumping investigation for stainless steel pipe and stainless steel  fittings products from the People's Republic of China and decided to implement a five-year anti-dumping measures.The Anti-dumping tax rate is 30.7% to 30.7%. The chief from ministry of commerce trade remedy bureau Wang Hejun was speaking.

Wang Hejun said the Chinese side shown serious questions for the European commission method and decision of a tendency of trade protectionism in stainless steel field .The EU commission ignored the fact that China companies actively cooperated with them and submit materials and reasonable contradictory opinions in the survey. The EU continued to use unfair and unreasonable surrogate country method and made the high tax rate. It damages to the interests of Chinese enterprises seriously.The Chinese government wants the EU to strictly abide by the WTO rules and terminate surrogate country method for  the rights of Chinese enterprises' defense.Regard to EU mistake against WTO rules, China will take the necessary measures to maintain enterprise fair rights.
Wang Hejun emphasized that the global economic recovery is weak. Slump demand is the root cause of the iron and steel industry dilemma.Countries should face together and overcome difficulties in the form of cooperation. Any taking trade protection measures rashly will only impact on international trade order further .China is willing to strengthen exchanges and communication with the EU for solving the current iron and steel industry issue. As the one leader of stainless steel industry Cong Shine also agree China government according to our experience. And we also believe best quality and service from Cong Shine will bring additional value to more customers. This is our advantage.

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