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Cong shine Stainless Steel manufacturing accuracy technique
  • 2016-12-09

 Based on many yeares experience . According to clients requirments. let cong shine (shanghai) metal material co., ltd share our stainless steel manufacturing technique to you .  And we hope it help you know our product and service . 

Age Hardening - A heat-treating process  which is used on martensitic stainless steels to harden them. The material is heated above its critical temperature, held at that temperature to ensure uniform temperature and then quenched in air or oil to quickly cool it. 

Alloy - A solid solution of two or more metals. All forms of stainless steel are alloys. 
Annealing process -  a cold-rolled stainless steel coil is heated to a designated temperature and cooled. this make the coil easier to bend and form. 
Argon-Oxygen Decarburization (AOD) - A process with a short operation time and low temperatures , which  is used to reduce the carbon content of stainless steel during the refinement process. 
Billet - A short bar of metal. 
Blank - A piece of  stainless steel sheet  that has the specified outer dimensions of a part but has not yet been stamped by the end user. Blanks decrease the cost of labor and transportation for the stainless steel processor. 
Blast Furnace - A cylinder lined with heat resistant bricks that steel mills use to smelt iron from ore. The name originates from the blast of hot air that is forced up through the ore. 
Bloom - A semi-finished form of stainless steel that typically has a cross-section greater than 36 sq. inches. A bloom will be further processed into mill products. 
Burr - A ridge on the edge of  stainless steel strip that is caused by cutting operations, including blanking, trimming, shearing or slitting. 
Chromium (Cr) - An element  which is added to stainless steel, resulting in a corrosion resistant alloy. 
Cold Forming - Also called "cold working" it is a kind of mechanical operation performed at room temperature that causes permanent deformation. Cold forming, which includes bending, rolling and drawing, increases the hardness and strength of stainless steel. 
Continuous Casting - A time-saving process of pouring stainless steel directly from the furnace into a billet, bloom or slab. Continuous casting eliminates the need for large, expensive mills. 
Ductility - The steel  ability  go through permanent changes of shape without fracturing. 
Galvanized - Coated with zinc. Galvanizing provides more corrosion resistance and is used on auto underbody parts, storage tanks, garbage cans, etc. 
Grade - A number or symbol given to different varieties of steel. Different grade steels have varying characteristics and compositions. 
Oscillating - Method used to wind narrow strip  over a wider roll. The oscillating process is similar to winding fishing line over a spool. 
Reinforcing Bar (Rebar) - A steel bar used to further strengthen concrete. Rebars are vital for highway reinforcement as well as building construction.

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