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cong shine 304 304L stainless steel sheet coil characteristic
  • 2017-02-08

Regard to 304 stainless steel sheet and 304l stainless steel sheet. It is different on  Chemical Requirements and Mechanical Properties between them according to application including to 304 stainless steel coil and 304l stainless steel coil. Both of them  are parts of the austenitic. 304l Stainless steel grades contain a lower level of carbon than 302 304 . Types 304 and 304L have very good drawability and excellent corrosion resistance in chemical, textile, petroleum and food industry exposure.

As one leader of stainless steel industry Cong Shine (Shanghai) metal material co.,ltd stocks a wide range of sizes stainless steel material according to markets for applications .  And pls find our review on difference between 304 stainless steel and 304l stainless steel


· Architectural

· Kitchen Equipment

· Pharmaceutical processing equipment

· Chemical processing equipment

Typical Chemical Requirements

304                        304l

Carbon Max%                                         0.08                        0.03

Manganese, Max % 2.0                    2.0

Phosphorus, Max % 0.045                0.045

Sulphur, Max % 0.03 0.03

Silicon Max                                 0.75                  0.75

Chromium range 18-20 18-20

Nickel range 8.-10.5              8.0-12

Nitrogen Max                               0.1                    0.1

Mechanical Properties                 304                   304l

Tensile Min 75ksi                 70ksi

Yield Min                                     30ksi                  25ksi

Elongation Min                             40%                    40%

Hardness Max                              95HRB                95HRB

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