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How to repair and maintain stainless steel surface

  • 2017-08-04 14:40:15
  • Admin

As we know, there are BA/2B/4K/8K/acid picking/ of stainless steel material. In fact it is the chromium oxide layer. How to repair and maintain stainless steel surface in industrial atmospheres and marine environments is become important more and more. Inevitably, necessary processes steps to maintain and repair the chromium oxide layer can enhance the luster and extend the life-cycle. Pickli...

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Congshine Stainless Steel Inventory

  • 2017-08-09 12:01:18
  • Admin

Congshine is a comprehensive grade stainless steel China supply. According to market needs , we have the most qualitative inventory on Stainless Steel Sheet and stainless steel pipe. It is also acknowledged as a responsible exporter in international market. It is also our client advantage due to it. Our stainless steel stock is available in different dimensions/grades on stainless steel sheet and ...

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