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#8 mirror 304 Stainless Steel Sheet
  • 2017-08-14

#8 Mirror 304 Stainless Steel Sheet has a non-directional finish. It just looks like a mirror virtually. Mirror possesses is a highly polished finish and does not contain a coating or finishing material to give it reflectivity. Congshine packing material is a double layer of PVC film to protect the mirror finish during fabrication and installation. Any further fabrication (grain preference/hemming/rounded corners), Please tell us directly. The maximum thickness of 304 Stainless Steel Sheet #8 mirror is 16 gauge. Generally congshine offer 22 gauge for hemming process. If you have further requests , Please send email to us directly .

Congshine 304 Stainless Steel Sheet is a versatile/anti-rusting and heat resistant steel for user. The application include food equipment/plumbing materials/kitchen sinks and back splashes.

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